A journey of creative healing…


Many know me as Violet Julia aka “VioLet Go”.
Through dance, plant medicine, and bodywork, I encourage all to call upon the wisdom of our intuition. These outlets of creativity focus to encourage awareness of our interconnected existence, the potency of intention and how we can remain in resonance with our vital mission. Living with curiosity and gratitude has allowed me to fully receive the nutrients that each experience has to offer.  

The foundation of my purpose remains in revealing relationship. I encourage intimacy with our vital essence and inspire deepening connection to our actions, consumption, thoughts, feelings, dreams, communications, ourself and other creatures. I do not simply hand you a tincture to “use”, nor “fix” a knot in your shoulder and I do not wish to just show you my favorite dance moves. No one else does it quite like you! That dance move may have a special gift just for you to discover; give it life, letting it ripple through your mind, evoking emotions, empowering the body while igniting spirit within and beyond all time and space. I listen to what the whole self needs and emphasize the dialogue with all elements that compose our existence. Our water, food, fire, breath all have consciousness, so when we engage with the world through this lens, we reflect this nature and create impact in whatever we do. 


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