A journey of creative healing…

About..Many know me as Violet Julia aka “VioLet Go”.


 Through this life journey, I continue to return home to the trust in nature’s inherent ability to heal, build resilience, share information, and evolve when provided a supportive environment. It is my mission to create spaces where we remember the parts of ourselves that hold this intelligence of systems that are built to restore us back to our most vital states of being. Through various modalities within the realms of dance, plant medicine, and bodywork, I discover the many ways we can initiate this miraculous process of returning to balance. 


 Within all my creative offerings, there remains a focus to encourage awareness of our interconnected existence, honor the unique expression of each individual, reveal right relationship and resonance. Presence within the roots of our actions, consumption, thoughts, feelings, dreams, and communication, holds the utmost importance such that we can orient from our center. Our intuition knows best, and just because something is considered “healthy” by some, does not mean that applies to your vantage point. Each body speaks its own language, and I am here to listen to what your whole being needs, offer tools to support the process of integration and refine dialogue with all elements that compose our essential existence in order to maintain well being on all levels. The water, food, fire, air, all hold consciousness, and when we engage with life through this lens, we empower our creative healing energy to its fullest potential.

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