OMotion Collective

 Born on November 19, 2019 waning ½ moon in Leo

O M o t i o n
A conscious communication with the divine through the universal language of dance

We gather with prayerful presence, cultivating creative expression through a living vocabulary of movements, to share healing messages with the world. Offering healing ceremony, performance art, ritual theater, and education amongst community to inspire artful awareness, intentional movement and harmonic connection with our natural environment.


Co-create a collective experience that encourages, creative healing, artistic growth and empowerment. Communicate authentically through our movement to bring forth integration of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reveal the beauty of listening and inspire the inner voice to speak through authentic expression. Develop and practice a vernacular of movements that correspond to various elements, and archetypes and hold resonance with our vital mission. Establish a cued improvisation format that each can utilize as a means to share personal process and prayer. Hold a common vision to open up intentional space for holistic connection and provide opportunities for the wider community to join together in peaceful collaboration.


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…is a lifelong mover and shaker, with an early dance education in a variety of styles, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she truly began to find her rhythm, discovered through the art of hoopdance. Spinning in the sacred circle brought her into meditative and transcendent states that were deeply transformative for Cat and awoke her to a higher purpose and calling to share dance and movement as a tool for self discovery. She is a certified elemental hoop dance teacher and has taught both youth and adults for several years. Cat’s love for the hoop extended into other forms of flow arts and eventually the realizations she was coming to thru her dance practice brought her to
the teachings of yoga. Cat is also a dedicated yoga practitioner who attributes her daily morning practice as the foundation for all other forms of movement that come through. More recently she has become a lover of serpentine and tribal style movement and  brings these many different modalities together in what she likes to call “fusion” dance. She feels most inspired to create safe spaces for others to explore, play, and pray through sound and movement and expresses this through her work as an ecstatic dance facilitator. Cat is humbled and grateful to be offering prayer through dancing in circle with OMotion.


...sees dance as a representation of compassion through the recognition of each individual’s movement. When we surrender to the wisdom of our body, miraculous healing transformation can occur.  Fundamental techniques can greatly assist in this process through providing a format that supports the structural integrity of our motion.

Violet dances through life as a facilitator of artistic and therapeutic movement. The bountiful buffet of dance flavors on her pallet includes various forms of Hip Hop, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Bellydance. Her passion motivates the continued education and integration of many fine art forms from around the world. A foundation of yogic principles and Qi Gong keeps her practice to be rooted with the intention to offer nourishment to feed the hunger that heals. Violet dedicates her life to the celebration of creative embodiment and connection to our natural rhythms.


…was launched into the wonderful world of dance early on. She was able to explore jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, West African and was classically trained in ballet. In college her explorations took a remarkable turn when a friend revealed hoop dance to her. She fell in love with the sacred circle and quickly expanded to an array of props with the addition of fire. Flow arts became a significant part of her journey as it took her across the states, down to Central America and into a meditative flow-state within. She has recently been exploring the vulnerability of using her body as a conductor so that she can channel Divine healing energ in order to reconnect with herself, earths rhythms and beyond.


 …has been dancing for as long as she can remember . The love of movement has been a deep practice of quieting her mind for as long as she can remember helpi g her gain skills in dedication, determination, skill building, flexibility, cooperation, unison, and hard work. Dance has always proven to be a place of  refuge, deep Joy and connection  Oftentimes quoted saying “the dance floor is my church” She dives deeply into the spaces where music permeates through the airwaves and directly into her heart.

 She has been trained in jazz, modern and ballet as a young girl. The was a founding member of her high School dance team,The Pantehrettes. Winnie g competitions in Jazz and high kick.  After high School there was a hiatus of organized dance and an exploration of clubs and expressive dance. When she moved to Asheville in 2012 she quickly began dancing with Christine Garvin Dance and helped to form the student dance company, Les Femmes Mystique.  She found incredible joy in every aspect of the company, from the choreography to the costumes to the productions. In 2015 she joined Trillium Dance Company and found that the more intricate choreography and performance opportunities were a huge inspiration to her. She helped to open Tribe Dance and Pole where she taught classes to young girls, Full Spectrum, using movement to make sense and move emotions in pre teen girls. and young children with Super Hero Training, an expressive movement class full of capes and masks and giggles. Using her passion of  space holding for different rights of passage and integrating it with her passion of movement and service, she grew deeply and enjoyed her time there teaching. She now moves with OMotion Dance Collective in a way that she never has before. Each day connecting to the elements and spirits of the land and the ancestral line of intelligence to help her get deeper into her practice of movement. Using dance as a tool to transcend grief and to use her body as a tool for prayer. She looks forward to sharing and dancing and evolving with the women of OMotion and our community far and wide as we share our prayers and medicine with the world at large.


    … began dancing as a child and has been teaching dance and movement arts since 1997.  Over the last 30 years, she has received training in ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics, modern, hip hop, and lyrical from private dance studios and national dance conventions. She continued her studies at UNC Charlotte and UNC Asheville in modern, ballet, African dance, movement composition and choreographic principles. Over the past 10 years she has supplemented her dance training in the arts of belly dance, flamenco, flow arts, and Gaga method.  Pursuing her love of dance as a member and choreographer for the Asheville based Trillium Dance Company, Jaclynn’s co-creative works have been performed around the Asheville area and on the main stage of the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, NC. Beginning in 2020, she became a member of OMotion Collective in Asheville, NC, specializing in ceremonial dance ritual and co-creative prayerformance. Jaclynn has an innate love of movement arts, and is excitedly diving into new realms of possibility by offering classes designed to focus on somatic healing exploration through physical storytelling.  


    …in her first years of training, learned from and was influenced by companies such as; Alvin Ailey, NYC Ballet, American Ballet Theater and Ballet Hispanico. At Adelphi University in NY, she furthered her education by receiving her BFA in theatre and BA in Dance. It was there she began to pursue choreography as an outlet for her creative expression.

    Emma’s spiritual practice led her to daily meditation, a dance way emerged in which the soul whispers to the body, talks to the world, speaks with the divine and back again. Through this expression a fusion of her ballet, modern, flamenco, salsa, jazz, and street dance training started to flow into one dance. A language of listening, and being present with movement and feels.
    Since joining OMotion Collective, Emma has taken her years of dance training and opened herself to more styles, ideas, and ways of honoring the lineage of dance and human connection. OMotion inspires Emma to learn, express and fuse movement into one body language of love.